Thursday, 2 May 2013

Technique Thursday

Today we look at sprays and mists. I love the sparkle in perfect pearls and have made some sprays myself. They are not as good as perfect pearls but very nice and very affordable. I purchased a mixed box of pearlex. If you use pearlex instead of perfect pearls you need to use a fixative so it won't rub off. Perfect pearls have a resin in them so you do not need a fixative. I use an art fixative because it is acid free. You can use a cheap hairspray but it will yellow with age. Ok for cards that people might  not keep but not really suitable for layouts and things you want to keep for a long time.
I use water, distilled is best but i just use from the water filter. I just add some ink or distress stain and add about half a teaspoon of pearlex. Test you spray until you get the colour and sparkle you desire. I then put a sample on the outside of the bottle so i can remember what it looks like with a list of the colours i have used to make the spray.

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