Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bo Bunny Glitter paste

More uses for Bo Bunny Glitter paste.
It come im lots of colours but I only have the silver and gold so far. Probably wont be long before I get more because it is so lovely. I get mine from jackies for scrapbooking

 I use the glitter on this letter.

 I had some letters that I did not really like.

The top was glossy and the glitter paste did not stick to that so I just pulled it off.

I then just covered it with the paste. Just like icing a cookie. Now its lovely.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Bo Bunny Glitter Paste

Bo Bunny Glitter Paste

I just love the new Bo Bunny Glitter paste. A really simple card. I just used a lovely Prima stencil and silver glitter paste. A ribbon, bow and sentiment added to the card and then it is all done. 

Using Bo Bunny Glitter Paste. I get mine from Jackies for Scrapbooking in Inglewood Taranaki
Here is a link to her facebook page: Jackies for Scrapbooking

You need a stencil and a palate knife. I have a cheap plastic one because they are so much easier to clean than metal.

Put the stencil over the card stock or whatever you want glitter on. Using the palate knife spread the paste. It is better if you use the flat of the palate knife and not the edge. 


Remove the stencil and clean. Just like that a beautiful glitter design. Now all you have to do is wait for it to dry. Be careful not to put your elbow in it while it is still wet!

Mixed Media Background

Creating your own mixed media Background

I used a heavy duty watercolour paper because ordinary card stock buckles and is hard to keep flat. I sprayed and painted Lindy's Starburst sprays. To add more texture I used white, clear and gold embossing powders.
The black corners and embellishment were cut out on the cricut. Bo Bunny Silver paste was added to an old letter and them some white flowers, metal embellishment, button and bead embellishment were added in a cluster.


Lindy's June Colour Challenge

One of the things I love about doing the Lindy's colour challenge. Apart from using the Lindy's product of course, is it takes away from the colour palate they might usually used. I chose the pink, aqua and yellow from this challenge.

I used
 Lindy's Starburst
Golden Sleigh Bells
Shabby Turbine Teal
Hottie Patottie Hot Pink
Lindy's embossing powder
Scotch Broom Yellow
Prima Letters and stencil, Bo Bunny Golden Paste, Gesso, Crackle Paste, Velum adhesive, doily, white flowers, lamp-post.

From white flowers and doilies to pink and aqua.
I dipped small flowers into Lindys  and painted the doilies and other flowers with the lindy's.

To create more texture I used velum adhesive which is small dots on a strip. I added the adhesive  randomly and sprinkled it with the embossing powder.

I pulled the centre out of the bigger flowers as I wanted them flatter and cut most of the flowers and petals in half to adhere under the photo