Friday, 24 May 2013

Paper Storage.
A great way of keeping tabs on all your scraps is to use 300mm square zip lock bags that you can purchase for your local packaging store.
I was fed up with having to go through a whole box of scraps to find the colour I was looking for and so I store all my card stock in these bags and label them depending on the colour.
Its so much quicker now to see if I have a scrap piece big enough for my needs without wasting time searching for it.
I haven't stopped at card stock either, as you will all know the amount of scrap paper we get is ever increasing and so I have all mine in bags, I store them by manufacturer and have them labelled. I have a misc bag for pieces that I have had for a while and can't remember the make. I also have a "larger than 8x8" bag so again I can easily find that bigger piece if required.

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