Friday, 3 May 2013

Five Minute Friday using Masks

Today's Five Minute Friday is to show you how to use masks.
You can use all sorts of things as masks. Below you will see a few different examples.
I have a shop bought Mask, some sequin waste, an imaginarium chip board piece and 2 masks that I have cut out on the cricut.
I have used Tim Holtz ink and application tool when using the sequin waste. This is very effective and easy to do. It doesn't get colour been pushed under the mask so is a great choice.
With the imaginarium chip board I have used the Dymensions ink spray, This spray gives a strong colouring but you have to be carfeul not to spray too much otherwise it will find a route to get under the mask.
Masks are ideal for use when doing altered art. With this shop bought mask I have used black gesso to give texture as well as pattern. Don't use the gesso too thickly and be careful when using really skinny masks as its very easy to push the gesso underneath.
This mask is actually a frame cut using the Cricut, I had the full page selected to get the biggest mask out of a 12" piece of card stock. With this one I have used Tim Holtz Perfect Pearl Sprays. I love these sprays as the coverage is so good and very shiny. I have used the bronze spray on the Black mask sitting on a cream peice of card stock. Here you get 2 for 1 as you can use both the mask and the negative in your scrapbooking.
Lastly I have used the Glimmer Mist on this Cricut frame. Once again the effect is lovely and its such a quick and easy way to make a background page.
One thing to remember when using masks with mists and that is to spray with confidence. You will notice on the last two examples there are some slightly larger dots of colour. These are completely normal. However if you hestitate when spraying you will get more of these and they can be quite large and inky (hence may run). No two sprays are the same and so you can never get a uniform colouring so there is no point in been frightened to just spray.

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