Thursday, 4 April 2013

Technique Thursday

Making Doilies You can make your own doilies or find already made ones to use. My favourite places to find doilies are the op shops. Here are some doilies I have made and some I have purchased from op shops.
The instructions to make the white and yellow daisy are as follows. Use embroidery floss or crochet cotton.
Using yellow 6 chain and join with slip stitch, 1 chain and 11 double crochet into circle.
Join white and make 12 chain, join into next double crochet with a slip stitch. Repeat 11 times to make 12 petals. Finish off thread and sew ends in. Super easy to do.

Another way to make Doilies is to use your Sizzix or Cuttlebug and a doilie die.

Once you have selected your die, you need to add a piece of wax paper to your Sizzix sandwich. It goes directly on top of your die before your selected sheet of paper/cardstock.
This is for easy removal of your die cut shape. If you don't use wax paper it is harder to get your cut piece away from the die itself.
The shape on the left is the wax paper ,the one on the right is the actual paper.
I think the wax paper die cut is really cool and so I will try to come up with a cool page using them on Saturday (No Pressure!!).

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