Monday, 1 April 2013

Mondays card.

Today I've made a card using the Rosettes.

I've made the base from a 4 x 10 in stripe of brown card stock, scored at 4" then 8".
Fold so you get a small flap at the front with an opening behind. I used a border punch along the 4in side of the 2in flap. Cut down the sides of the longer peices and adhere using skinny tape down each side only. This forms a small pocket inside the flower pot. I stamped a pattern on the front using a stamp from +Stampin Up!. I cut a tag the width of the base by 6in high. I attached the rosette flowers and a couple of leaves made from green cardstock. I have used buttons for the centres of the flowers. A ribbon was attached to the front of the flap and I added a bow.   

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