Thursday, 13 June 2013

Technique Thursday

Today I have decorated some card arrows using wax and perfect pearls powders. I inked the arrows. You melt the bees wax and pour it on your embellishment and then sprinkle with powder and melt it in. I found when I added the powder to the waxed arrows and then melted it in my heat tool blew the powder off all the time. I then tried adding the powder to the wax and then pouring it on but the powder sank to the bottom of the wax and you couldn't really see it. I then melted most of the excess wax off and this is the end product. Nice and grungy. Perfect for a boy layout. I thought after I might try and melt the powder into the wax with my kitchen flame thrower as it will be hot but not blow. The trick is to get the powder to melt on top of the wax and not sink to the bottom. Although I will be careful I don't burn the house down

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