Friday, 7 June 2013

Photo Transfer

One of the techniques that Donna Downey showed us was Photo Transfer. This can also be done using script from a book (but comes out reversed). You could always write out your passage of the computer and print it out reversed to get it correct when transfered.
So what we need is some gel medium, a brush, a printed photo and a surface to put it onto.
So you coat the front of the printed photo with the gel medium and then turn it over and adhere it to your chosen paper/background/canvas etc.
Leave to dry.
When completely dry spray the paper with water using a mister bottle.
Start to gentle rub the paper backing off with your finger.
Keep rubbing until all the backing paper has been removed and then leave to dry.
Above is the completed transfer. As you can see the image is a little hard to see in places so for reference make sure you do photo transfer onto a light background, especially if you want a clearer image. In my case I'm not too fussed as I am going to be painting over some of the transfer image as Its going to become part of my background.

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