Thursday, 28 March 2013

Today's Technique Thursday is making rosettes using the +Tim Holtz die on the Sizzix or the Cuttlebug.

I have used paper from Teresa Collins
Place the white block, clear plate, die, paper and then second clear plate into a multi layered sandwich.
Pass through the sizzix by turning the handle and you should have a perforated stripe ready to use.
The die I have used makes a small rosette and a medium rosette.
Choose a strip and start to fold along the perforated lines, use the very tacky tape (red) to attach the 2 ends together to form a collar. Using a 1" circle punch cut out a circle from scrap card. Cover this with red double sided tape.
You will notice one edge of the stripe is scalloped and one edge straight. The scalloped edge is the outside edge. Stand the collar on its side, scalloped side down. push the straight edge sides down in the middle and the scalloped edge should slide outwards and form the rosette.
Lift it straight onto the pre taped circle of scrap card and hold down.
The Die also cuts out a small circle, put double sided tape on to one side and place in the centre on the top of the rosette. It looks good if  you use the alternative side.
Here are the completed rosettes.
In the photo below I have used both sizes of rosette to make one.
The medium size one is 2 perforation's longer than the smaller one so these 2 need to be cut off.
There are 2 ways of doing this, the first way is to make the rosettes separately and then make the larger one as the technique above but before adding the last circle, push the small rosette down on the top, then attach the top circle. The second way is to attach the smaller one on top of the larger one after folding the perforations, then attach the ends to form a collar and then continue with the technique of attaching the whole thing to the scrap circle and attaching the top circle.

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