Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My Mermaid

My Mermaid

My Lindys September Colour Challenge.
Using: Lindys Starburst Delphinium Turquoise and Golden Sleigh Bells.
Lindys embossing powder Scotch Broom Yellow.
Other materials: New Zealand Paua Shell, silk sari ribbon, wool, shells, silver ribbon, silk hankerchief, large paper doily, textured net material, paper seahorse.

First I glued the doily to cardstock and painted with gesso becuase it was brown and I needed a clean white background for colouring. I then sprayed and painted with the lindys to create the background colour then embossed. I pasted the doily on a dark cardstock for more of a contrast. The silk handkerchief is a light piece of silk threads in a square shape that many textile artists use. The colours on then are so rich and vibrant I could not resist buying some at a craft fair. The webbed material was glued down one side to represent a fishing net then I added my seahorse on top of some old silk sari fabric I had. Then some wool that reminded me of seaweed. Finally I added some beautiful New Zealand paua shell pieces. I loved using the textiles and shells in this layout, and trying something new, they go so well with the beautiful Lindys sprays.

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