Sunday, 28 June 2015

Bo Bunny Glitter Paste

Bo Bunny Glitter Paste

I just love the new Bo Bunny Glitter paste. A really simple card. I just used a lovely Prima stencil and silver glitter paste. A ribbon, bow and sentiment added to the card and then it is all done. 

Using Bo Bunny Glitter Paste. I get mine from Jackies for Scrapbooking in Inglewood Taranaki
Here is a link to her facebook page: Jackies for Scrapbooking

You need a stencil and a palate knife. I have a cheap plastic one because they are so much easier to clean than metal.

Put the stencil over the card stock or whatever you want glitter on. Using the palate knife spread the paste. It is better if you use the flat of the palate knife and not the edge. 


Remove the stencil and clean. Just like that a beautiful glitter design. Now all you have to do is wait for it to dry. Be careful not to put your elbow in it while it is still wet!

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