Thursday, 19 February 2015

Graphic 45 Jewellery Box

Re-purposed Jewellery Box

A friend gave me this cool box that had a magnetic fastening so I just had to re-purpose it.
My earrings were also very messy and it was hard to find a matching pair. This box just might solve the problem.

The first challenge was finding something to make the foam slots that hold the jewellery. We checked out a few options at art and craft shops but no luck. Then tried the hardware store and found foam in a long thin round tube. It was supposed to be used for stopping draughts but not any more!
I covered it in fabric and glued it down making strips I could side my rings and earrings into.

Then the fun begins with my Graphic 45 papers covering the box inside and outside.
This is my finished jewellery box. I love it. Useful and beautiful.

Just have to clean my jewellery and put it in my new jewellery box.

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